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Evenoire - Vitriol
March 17th, 2012
With all of the terribly overdone and predictable music around nowadays, it is so refreshing to get to hear something like Evenoire’s debut album, Vitriol, which combines the widest range of influences into one unique and brilliant sound. 
The stylistic range of this band is incredible. This album contains crunchy guitar riffs, flute solos, incredibly thick orchestral arrangements and more. There is even a strong Medieval influence involved, which is very rare (considering Medieval music hasn’t been popular for oh 600 years or so). But what is even more impressive than the many influences is that Evenoire is able to blend them all together into one cohesive sound. I’ve dubbed them as a symphonic metal band because of the wide array of instruments heard on this album (violin, synth, flute, you name it), but I only did that because I had to narrow it down somehow; the truth is that Evenoire has put together one of those CD’s so inventive that it defies genre. 
The only thing that turned me off even a little bit was the blatantly Medieval parts, as a metalhead I found them a little too soft and off putting; however, I will never knock a band for trying to be bold or for trying something different. So really, I have nothing to complain about with this album. 
The track that convinces me that Evenoire is one of the most talented bands I’ve ever heard is “Girl By The Lake,” an epic seven-minute song that holds the heaviest and most heart-wrenching moments on this album. It is also in this song that Lisy Stefanoni shows off her many vocal talents. In the verse of the song, she changes her tone from evil to angelic without any difficulty. She is able to enhance the mood of every song with her wide range of vocal techniques, and adds a lot to an already great album.
It may take a very open-minded music lover to fully appreciate this album. But for those who fit the mold, I promise that this CD will be a very rewarding buy. 
Key Tracks: Girl By The Lake, Days of the Blackbird, Misleading Paradise
Seth Wood – Contributor
March 17, 2012
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